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5 minutes with…travel addict and Instagrammer Your Passport

Published on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 by Hannah Barnard

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We grabbed 5 minutes with travel addict and Instagram sensation Lara Kamnik, AKA Your Passport to chat about beating the crowds, travel essentials and picture postcard photos.

Your Passport Blog

Breakfast at sunrise in Kapadokya, Turkey

Where does your passion for traveling come from?
I cannot recall when I became first addicted to traveling. It is just something I was born with, I think. Meeting new people and visiting new places, it broadens your mind so much, lets you be who you are. It is something I really love doing and I feel so lucky to be able to make a living out of my hobby!
Your Passport Blog

Pool side in Sri Lanka

What’s your favourite vacation destination and why?
Every new destination we travel to becomes our new favourite. The world just has so much to give I feel it would be unfair to choose only ONE. But let’s say, if you really want to know, our top 3 would be Greece, Sri Lanka and Bali. Gosh, and watching the sky fill with 100s and 100s of hot-air balloons in Cappadocia, too. Jordan was one of a kind, also. Oh, how could I forget Amalfi Coast?! Haha, okay, now I am getting in trouble. Nah, I can’t even choose three! I always believed it is the company you travel with who makes or breaks the trip. Therefore, I think @your_passage is the one who makes it all for me. Now I am cheesy, forgive me.
Your Passport Blog

Beautiful views in Procida, Italy

How did you get into travel photography?
My boyfriend @your_passage and I were traveling and we started learning how to use a camera and do edits, then we got into instagramming and after a while we were offered our first projects. Pretty exciting! 🙂

Your Passport Blog

Chichén-Itzá, Yucatan, Mexico

What are your top tips for taking stunning vacation photos?
My no. 1 tip is to wake up really early to be ready on the spot for the sunrise or catch a sunset in the evening to get a perfect lighting in the so called ‘golden hour’ which is crucial in order to take stunning photos. It will not only give you better photos and help you beat the crowds, but it will also make it a lot easier later once you start processing the photos.

Your Passport Blog

Taking in the view in Tulum

What are your suitcase essentials?
At least 10 different kinnis, toothbrush and warm winter socks for the airplanes. All the camera gear comes in the first place, of course.

Having a splash at Cavo Tagoo, Mykonos

What are the top 3 destinations you would like to visit this year?

It’s definitely Hawaii, French Polynesia and Samoa – I am all about them tropics.
Your Passport Blog

Sightseeing in Santorini

What’s your favorite Instagram picture?
I have like a dozen! But this would be my fav pick today…
Your Passport Blog

Breakfast at sunrise in Kapadokya, Turkey

Your Passport Blog

For more travel inspiration and beautiful photography check out Your Passport’s Instagram channel


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