8 Stunning Beaches in Barbados of 2023

By Banita Sadhra on 2nd May, 2023

With more than 80 stunning beaches, the tropical island of Barbados offers idyllic views, the softest white sand, and calm waters to relax in. That’s why superstar Rihanna keeps returning because of how beautiful Barbados is! So if you’re planning a trip to this tropical island, read on to discover the 8 best beaches in Barbados and get ready to take beautiful pictures of Barbados beaches!

Barbados beaches

Bath Beach

Bath Beach is a secluded location offering a cooling effect of swaying palm trees. If you want to find some tranquility, Bath Beach is the place to visit. You will be surrounded by a beautiful reef and exposed to the island’s eastern shoreline. The beach is an ideal spot for anyone who is wanting to destress and relax in a secluded environment. There is also a playground near the beach, so the kids are able to have fun on the swings and small rides.

Bath Beach Barbados
Bath Beach

There are many local vendors selling snacks, drinks, and refreshments for you to enjoy whilst on the beach. Several picnic tables are available if you fancy eating lunch on the beach. Bath Beach also offers changing rooms, public toilets, a car park, and showers, so you’re able to wash off all the sand before sitting in the car. You may even have a chance to see the Hawksbill Turtles along the shore on your visit here.

Accra Beach

Accra Beach (also known as Rockley Beach) is one of the best beaches in Bridgetown, Barbados, offering a shoreline of crystal-clear waters and white sand. Palm trees offer shade and a place to relax. Turtles often visit this beach, so you might be lucky enough to spot them.

Accra Beach Barbados
Accra Beach

The calming waters create a relaxing environment, so you’re able to explore the Caribbean Sea. Snorkel or scuba dive underwater and enjoy the majestic views of the beautiful sea life. A lovely beach for families – it’s the perfect location for beach ball games in the water or sand. If you’re wanting to just sunbathe, there are umbrellas and sunbeds available to rent. 

Along the beach, there are many restaurants and beach bars. Enjoy a bite to eat at Cosmo Club offering fresh Caribbean food or visit the Tiki Bar for freshly made Caribbean cocktails. Across the road from the beach, there is also a shopping center and facilities for you to visit. Why not take a vacation present back for your loved ones or treat yourself? 

Pebbles Beach

The lovely stretch of sand along Pebbles Beach, Barbados offers calm waters and fun water sports activities. Pebbles Beach is located on the Southern-Western coast of Barbados and one of the best beaches for swimming in Barbados. The beach overlooks Carlisle Bay and is the perfect place for snorkeling or scuba diving. Sailing is another popular activity here, you’ll see many sailing boats and yachts dotted around the sea. This beach is perfect for the whole family to visit together and there is equipment available to rent for snorkeling. The kids can have a chance to swim underwater and discover the amazing marine life. 

Pebbles Beach Barbados
Pebbles Beach

There are several food vans available on the beach for you to enjoy fresh and famous Barbarian sandwiches. Visit Cuz’s Fish Stand to try their fish cutter sandwiches. The delicious fresh fish is nestled in a warm bread roll along with tomato slices and crisp lettuce. This is the perfect location for the whole family to visit and enjoy a beach day together.

Brandons Beach

A popular beach amongst tourists, Brandons Beach is on the West Coast of Barbados and on the outskirts of the capital city of Bridgetown. The beach is a short walk from the Barbados cruise ship terminal and offers amazing views of the seafront and the beautiful trees that line it. Did you know in 2011, over 100 trees were planted on the beach? 

Brandons Beach Barbados
Brandons Beach

You will have a chance to relax on the long stretch of the white sand and sunbathe under the Caribbean sun. On the beach, there are a few rock and reef formations, and there is always a lifeguard on duty, ensuring everyone stays safe while swimming. If you’re looking for adventure, get involved in the fun water sports and beach games available on the beach. There are banana boat rides, kayaking, windsurfing, and water skiing. You can even take it up a notch and get involved in fast jet skiing games. 

Looking for a spot to eat? Visit Weisers Beach Bar & Restaurant which offers fresh Caribbean food and drinks in a tranquil environment – dine on the beach or in the tropical garden. If you’ve brought your own picnic, there are many benches and seats for you to enjoy an alfresco lunch.

Miami Beach (Enterprise)

Miami Beach is a great location for a family day out and has a large stretch of white sand and crystal-clear swimming water. The western side of the beach offers calm waters and is the perfect place for swimming in Barbados. The eastern side of the beach is great for fun water activities and that little bit of excitement you may be looking for. On the beach, you are able to rent chairs, umbrellas, and boogie boards from local vendors.

Miami Beach Barbados
Miami Beach

Next door to the beach is the Oistin Fishing Village, where you’ll see an abundance of fishing boats heading out to sea. Make sure to visit Mr. Delicious’s food truck for seafood sandwiches and refreshing cold drinks. If you’ve packed your own picnic, there are many picnic tables and benches to dine on under the palm trees. Many local market sellers are nearby if you fancy some fresh fruit on your vacation here. 

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay is located on the South East Coast and is known as one of the most impressive beaches in Barbados. The beach is a remote cove offering aqua-marine shores, white soft sand, and large coconut trees for shade. Along the beach, you will also see rocky cliffs and majestic caves. The beach is perfect for a relaxing picnic in a secluded and peaceful spot. On the weekends, there are many beach chairs and umbrellas which can be hired. 

Bottom Bay Barbados
Bottom Bay Beach

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure, travel to the top cliffs of Bottom Bay Beach. From your sky view, you will have a chance to see the South East coast of Barbados and even see whales in the waters below. The Atlantic waters are a little stronger here, so swimming isn’t recommended if you’re inexperienced. Strong swimmers may like to have a go at kite flying or riding the waves on a surfboard.

Brownes Beach

A 10-minute walk from Bridgetown is Brownes Beach, located on Carlisle Bay. The beach is perfect for catching the Caribbean sun and sunbathing on the soft sand with a refreshing breeze. The water is ideal for swimming and a lifeguard is always on duty at the beach. Beach umbrellas and sunbeds are available to rent, so the whole family can relax together. Along the beach, there are many beach clubs offering day passes for the beach, cocktails, and delicious bites to eat too!

Brownes Beach Barbados
Brownes Beach

Brownes Beach is dotted with small boats and catamarans. The bay is home to tropical fish, starfish, seahorses, and many more marine life creatures. If you’re planning to scuba dive, you’ll be able to create amazing memories by discovering the tropical fish in the water. 

Paynes Bay Beach

Located on the West Coast in St James, Paynes Bay Beach offers gentle turquoise waters and a white sand shore. The Barbados waters here is extremely calm here, so the beach is ideal for swimming and having fun in the sea. There are many fun water activities available; get involved in jet skiing or dive underwater and discover marine life. 

Paynes Bay Beach Barbados
Paynes Bay Beach

If you’re not wanting to get involved in water activities, rent a sunbed and umbrella and get stuck into a good book. Along the shore, you may be able to see the Hawksbill Turtles which emerge from the water and hang out on the shore in large groups. 

Visit Golden Anchor for delicious fresh fish sandwiches and Caribbean dishes. Across the road from the beach is a little cafe that offers delicious hot drinks, organic coffee, and cold drinks.

With crystal clear Barbados waters and white sandy beaches, the whole family can enjoy a trip out to one of Barbados beaches! We hope our guide has helped you decide on the top beaches in Barbados, from calm secluded beaches to popular shore attractions. The whole family will enjoy a day out to the beaches of Barbados. Make sure to visit the Caribbean and let us know the top beaches in Barbados!

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