Lindsey Turnbull

Best places for local Food on Grand Cayman

Published on Friday, March 18th, 2016 by Lindsey Turnbull

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Jerk chicken, fried fish, oxtail, plantains, breadfruit; these are just some of the mouth-watering dishes we all enjoy here in the Cayman Islands. Our fantastic supermarkets offer a really excellent selection of hot local foods and fresh salads every day, keeping Cayman going throughout the day.

Fosters Food Fair IGA has locations dotted all around Cayman and offers freshly prepared local dishes at their deli. Easy, fresh grab and go items for a full day exploring Cayman include cut fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, salads, patties, and more. They also cater to residents and visitors from overseas, bringing all the comforts of home: President’s Choice products from Canada and Waitrose from the
UK. Catering is made easy with their next day pick up for all catering needs including healthy prepared options, along with holidays boxed dinners. Specialty items including organic, all natural, gluten free, sugar free, nut free, dairy free, vegan and more.  For more information about Fosters Food Fair IGA click here

P125 Fosters copy

Fosters Food Fair IGA offers fresh ingredients for you to conjure up delicious meals at home

Kirk Market in George Town also has a brilliant display of hot foods loved by locals and visitors alike and a great salad bar for a healthy lunch. Its hot food bar is a magnet for locals, who can enjoy a variety of dishes – chicken, fish, meat, rice, potato, pasta, veg and more.

P126 Kirk Market copy

Kirk Market has a great selection of take-out salads


Kirk Market puts the health and wellbeing of its many customers high on its priority list. As well as stocking a wide range of organic and low fat foods, fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and meats, it has also been encouraging its customers to take part in a Whole Life Challenge. This is a 56-day, habit-changing, community-building game that helps customers live a happier, healthier life. The store offers international, gourmet, organic, natural, and special dietary foods.   Kirk Market also has an in-house Nutrition Expert who can offer advice or assist shoppers with making healthy decisions according to their dietary requirements. For more information about Kirk Market please click here 

P126 Kirk Market 2 copy

Kirk Market’s fresh fruit and vegetables

Other great places to enjoy local food include the myriad of jerk chicken stands that are dotted around the island. At about 5pm sniff the air for that unmistakable heady aroma of jerk and head for the nearest stand to enjoy chicken cooked as it should – out in the open over fire, complete with hot (or very hot!) sauce. Delicious!

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