By Tristan Ralston on 28th August, 2012

ARUBA, August 28, 2012: Harold Martin has been a longstanding icon in the drag racing industry, his innovations with Electronic Fuel Injection securing his place in drag racing history and titling him the “EFI Wizard.” As a Pro Mod driver, Martin met Team Aruba driver, Trevor Eman, when they raced together with the International Hot Rod Association. As he does with all drivers and fans who will listen, Eman assured Martin that a trip to Aruba would not disappoint. Martin remembered these words and recently took a trip to the “friendly island” Eman calls home.

“Harold called last Friday,” tells Eman, “and told me he remembers when we met back in the IHRA days that we told him to get in touch with us on the island, if he were to take a trip here. Well, that was exactly what he did. He called to let us know he and his family were on Aruba. So, I took them out to tour the island a bit, and took them to see Aruba’s quarter-mile drag strip, Palo Marga, and we went out for a nice dinner. We spoke a lot about racing, of course, and we also spoke a lot about having lost Bert Jackson last year.”

Jackson, a friend to both Martin and Eman, was tragically killed in an on track accident at the ADRL Dragstock event in September of 2011.

“It was great to spend that time with such a legend of the sport,” continued Eman. “It was just as wonderful to be able to show off our beautiful island to a member of our racing community in the states.”

Martin, although extremely well known by drag race fans in the states, was surprised when he was recognized in the lobby of his hotel in Aruba, where a local told him he looked very familiar and asked if he was the “EFI Wizard.”

“My son and I very much enjoyed checking out the wonderful country [of Aruba]. The overall experiences were very enjoyable,” told Martin.

Team Aruba is always happy to tell everyone they meet in the states, from fans to racers to sponsors, about the wonderful island they call home. If you take a trip to Aruba, be sure to look up the Eman family. They’ll be glad you came.

CONTACT: Lisa Collier

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