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Jeff Abbott performing at The Sopranos Piano Bar Aruba

Published on Thursday, August 7th, 2014 by Tristan Ralston

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Amsterdam – Aruba – Curaçao – St. Maarten

Jeff Abbott has returned to Aruba to perform at The Sopranos Piano Bar at Arawak Gardens, J.E. Irausquin 368, where he’ll be performing through the end of August.

Jeff is a high energy, pop/rock entertainer who has been performing for several years at many of the USA, Europe and the Caribbean’s premier piano bars.  His aggressive performance style and dynamic personality make him a crowd favorite wherever he performs. His command of the keyboard and unique use of the keytar has earned him a unique niche on the international piano bar circuit.

 Ernie Rideout, Senior Editor of Keyboard magazine writes, “Once you get past your astonishment at how great a keyboardist Jeff is, once you get past how he sounds like a really, really good guitarist, and once you put your amazement at his incredible vocal prowess behind you, then you can relax and wonder at how so much fantastic music can come from just one person.” And Pat Reid of RHYTHM Magazine adds, “Jeff’s vocal is a cross between Luthur Vandross and a male Anita Baker.”

He performs nightly, except Saturdays, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.


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