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Destination magazines are the premier tourism publications on each island they serve in the Caribbean and Bermuda.

They are both a travel guide and lifestyle magazine featuring island events, the latest in local trends, celebrity chefs with their signature dishes, best activities and much, much more. The magazines provide readers with a concise guide that highlights the best in shopping, dining out, activities and attractions, real estate and business. The magazines give accurate insight into island life because they are all produced by local editors who work with the best regional writers and photographers.

The success of the Destination series is attributed to the personalized one to one hand distribution of the magazines to passengers as they board their direct American Airlines and United Airlines flights.

Destination magazines are also available in select American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges - these club lounges are for passengers of all the American Airlines One World Alliance passengers which include some 20 international airlines.

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Destination Magazines provides travel guides on things to do and places to stay on islands around the Caribbean. Destination's mission is to help and guide those new to the Islands of Aruba, Bermuda, Cayman, St Martin / St Maartens, Turks & Caicos and the US Virgin Islands, on what to expect, and pointing out the new & exciting changes to regular visitors travelling to their Caribbean destination. Destination believe that the magazines will encourage and motivate people to achieve their own personal fulfilment expected from visiting these Islands.