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My Personal Piece of Bliss

Published on Monday, September 28th, 2015 by The Traveling Island Girl

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St. Maarten is no New York City but life on this particular island can get quite hectic. Unnecessary traffic, lines in the bank, a phone that does not stop ringing, slow internet and even the heat are just a few things I sometimes can do without.

Everyone needs their Piece of Bliss, that one particular spot where you feel alive, refreshed and most of all re-energized. To me that place is LOVE Beach. This small boutique hotel and beach bar is nestled between a small locally owned property and three ridiculously charming vacation bungalows. I discovered this little gem when my husband first took me there for a 4-day surprise getaway. Since then it has become my personal piece of bliss.

©The Traveling Island Girl

The village around it is quite unique. Grand Case is a fishing village on the French side of the island that has managed to keep it’s identity and originality even with the arrival of the many French owned boutique hotels. Grand Case is still quite “local” and has not lost it’s distinctiveness. The French, I have discovered, are very well in maintaining the original feel of the place they inhabit. Both French and English are spoken in grand Case.

©The Traveling Island Girl

I always feel like I’m on a beach vacation when in Grand Case. First it’s in a different country. St. Maarten/St. Martin is after all the smallest land mass in the world to be divided by two governments or two countries. Half Dutch and Half French this little place I call home features the best from both worlds.

The main street of Grand Case is lined with, in my opinion, some of the best restaurants on the island as well as little French stores selling beautiful pareos, sundresses, beach jewelry and cute fashion knick knacks that can make any woman go into a shopping frenzy. The street is so amazingly laid back and charming it is no wonder one feels like in a complete different world.

©The Traveling Island Girl

But back to LOVE Beach. What attracts me to this particular spot are the tables and chairs in the water. It’s quite something to sit on this beautiful beach, looking over to Anguilla (which from here looks like a flat pancake on the horizon) with your butt in the water and your drink resting safely on the table in front of you. The drinks served are exquisite and the food satisfying. It is the one place that makes me feel like crying every time I have to leave.

©The Traveling Island Girl

2015-05-23 07.47.51

©The Traveling Island Girl


©The Traveling Island Girl

So here’s to LOVE Beach, my personal piece of bliss. May you continue to give me peace and awesome Pain Killer Cocktails.

©The Traveling Island Girl


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