Globetrotter: Destination meets Robert Michael Poole

This week we met writer, photographer and social media influencer Robert Michael Poole. Having visited almost 150 countries, his globetrotting adventures have been well documented by several media sources, including CNN, the BBC, and National Geographic. We caught up with Robert to chat about his passion for adventure, photojournalism and travel tips. Where does your passion for

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5 minutes with

5 minutes with…Freediving Champion Beth Neale

We met freediving record holder Beth Neale to chat about her latest challenge, charity initiatives, and diving in Bermuda. Congratulations on your 4th South African National Record! What kind of dive was it and what was your motivation for breaking the record in Bermuda? My record was set in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF)

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Islander: Destination meets photographer Armando Goedgedrag

We met islander and Arubian photographer Armando Goedgedrag to chat about island conservation, Aruba’s amazing wildlife and nature photography. Nature comes alive when a photographer with a deep respect and great passion for its many wonders gets up close. 28-year-old Armando Goedgedrag is just that person. That means bodyboarding through hollow waves at Dos Playa, diving

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