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Islander: Destination meets photographer Armando Goedgedrag

Published on Thursday, April 5th, 2018 by Hannah Barnard

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We met islander and Arubian photographer Armando Goedgedrag to chat about island conservation, Aruba’s amazing wildlife and nature photography.

Islander: Destination meets photographer Armando Goedgedrag

Nature comes alive when a photographer with a deep respect and great passion for its many wonders gets up close. 28-year-old Armando Goedgedrag is just that person. That means bodyboarding through hollow waves at Dos Playa, diving through the Antilla wreck or brilliant underwater vistas, or hiking through the hills of Arikok. He analyzes and studies his subjects, even employing a drone to shoot from above. Armando adds a totally new and exciting perspective that makes those who see his brilliant photos marvel not only at the island’s unique beauty but at his ability to capture it. At times, he transfers his photographs to canvas, capturing their essence through another medium.

Islander: Destination meets photographer Armando Goedgedrag

“I am intrigued by the magnificence of nature and wildlife, and never get bored. Aruba is small but has incredible geological variety. Some of its flora and fauna are found nowhere else, such as the huge fofoti tree in Arikok that is more than 1000 years old. We need to protect and raise awareness about our precious resources. I hope my photos will be viewed decades from now so that people can see how the island used to be, as I was inspired by photos from decades past. We must be very careful not to destroy it.”

Islander: Destination meets photographer Armando Goedgedrag

Not surprisingly, Armando is active in various environmental organizations, among them Turtugaruba, protecting the island’s turtles, and Aruba Birdlife Conservation. Indeed his striking images have captured the eye of many notables, dignitaries, royals and celebrities in Aruba, the Netherlands, and abroad.

Islander: Destination meets photographer Armando Goedgedrag

This versatile and talented young man is a multimedia specialist, with expertise in video editing, visual editing, animation, painting, and photography. Born in the Netherlands, he moved to Aruba with his family at age two. He left the island for higher education and returned after his graduate degree to start his own business, Artmando Multimedia.

“My parents helped me develop my passion and explore my creativity. My dad who is a mathematician brought me a sense of realism; my mom who teaches biology gave me a love of nature.”

For more amazing pictures of Aruba visit Armando Goedgedrag’s Instagram.


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