Lindsey Turnbull

Red Sky at Night – a cultural extravaganza

Published on Monday, February 29th, 2016 by Lindsey Turnbull

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Young Victoria embraces the Red SKy at Night spirit

The Cayman Islands was wowed by a brilliant mix of art, culture, food, dance, music and more at this weekend’s Red Sky at Night festival, held as part of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation’s (CNCF) CayFest celebration. Held in the grounds of the Harquail Theatre, which also houses the CNCF, Red Sky at Night brought artisans, artists, musicians, cooks, poets, actors and dancers together for a thrilling afternoon and evening of lively entertainment.

Stalls showcasing artwork, painted glassware, ceramics, traditional basket weaving and jewellery stood alongside stands selling delicious local food such as stewed conch and fritters, as well as locally made marshmallows in delicious local flavours, such as coconut, coconut and rum, peppermint and passion fruit.

Marshmallow tasting at Red Sky at Night

Local artists such as Maureen Lazarus and Renate Seffer showcased their talent, while musicians and singers such as the world famous featured guest artist Dana Leong, a celebrated electric cellist, impressed event goers with their incredible talent. The Cayman Island Folk Singers were a brilliant signature event, their unique harmonies telling stories of the islands through song.

A first class celebration of the arts, Red Sky at Night is an excellent draw for the entire community


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