By Cathy O'Gara on 12th February, 2013

Kassav, Beenie Man and Tarrus Riley to perform as St. Croix hosts 42nd AGRIFEST

US VIRGIN ISLANDS (February 11, 2013) – The alluring French Antillean zouk sounds of Kassav and the pulsating reggae vibrations of Beenie Man and Tarrus Riley will sweep through St. Croix this weekend whetting appetites of patrons attending the 42nd annual Agriculture and Food Fair of the US Virgin Islands (AGRIFEST).

“Food for Your Soul Music Fest”, featuring two events on Friday, February 15 (Soca Sounds) and Saturday, February 16 (Reggae Rhythms), will be held for the first time in conjunction with the February 16-18, 2013 regional food fair, to be held under the theme “Agriculture: Grow, Eat and Live”. Both nights of the Music Fest will be held at the Paul E. Joseph Stadium.

“The Department of Tourism welcomes the opportunity to partner with Ciga Promotions to feature some of the Caribbean’s top musical talent at a signature event on our tourism calendar,” reported Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Commissioner of Tourism of the US Virgin Islands.

AGRIFEST, the largest agricultural exposition in the Territory to be held on the grounds of the Rudolph Shulterbrandt Agricultural Complex in Estate Lower Love, is a showcase for locally-produced agricultural products, livestock, arts and crafts and native cuisine.

Over the weekend, fair goers can sample foods such as kallaloo, maufe, tarts, and candies washed down with local drinks like ginger beer, sorrel, passion fruit and mauby.

The organizers want participants to experience the agricultural excellence and cultural richness of the US Virgin Islands and of the wider Caribbean.

“The US Virgin Islands is taking some bold steps in the new year to welcome more regional visitors to our territory and we believe the combination of AGRIFEST and the Music Fest is an excellent recipe for attracting our neighbors as well as our family from the North American Caribbean Diaspora to our shores,” said Nicholson-Doty.

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