By Tristan Ralston on 1st August, 2012

UNION, S.C- July 31, 2012:  As the ADRL Dragstock IX quickly approaches, Team Aruba is enjoying some time with fans leading up to the event. As a team that’s always fan-centric, they invited everyone near there shop base in Union, S.C. to come to their Monday test session at Union County Dragway. Following that, the Wireless Mustang was on display at Rockingham, N.C. Alltel Wireless to spread the word about the upcoming Dragstock, which moved from Rockingham to Concord this season. Team Aruba will round out their hometown tour with a stop at the Wadesboro Alltel Wireless location for another meet and greet with Alltel fans.

“We have really enjoyed spending time with some fans leading up to our home stop on the ADRL tour,” told Trevor Eman. “The Alltel fans and customers are excited about the upcoming race. I hope to see them all again on Friday and Saturday at zMax Dragway! Alltel was giving away tickets to the race and also letting customers in on some great deals they have. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the Alltel representatives and meet some new fans. If fans didn’t make it out to our display in Rockingham, hopefully we’ll see them in Wadesboro. We’ll be giving away more free tickets and Team Aruba t-shirts!

“On Monday we were very pleased with both the racetrack there and the results of the test session. The folks at Union County Dragway were very accommodating to us. They are a nice group of people, and it was great to finally get the Mustang on their racetrack. We look forward to testing there more often in the future.

“Hopefully we got most of the bugs worked out in testing that usually end up biting us during racing. We are looking forward to heading to the track on Thursday to get situated and prepared for qualifying. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding this race since it will be the first time racing at zMax for many teams. We expect great things out of the Wireless sponsored Mustang this weekend and we won’t be holding back!”

Join Team Aruba on Wednesday, August 1st at from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. at-

Alltel Wireless Retail Store

1009 E. Casewell

Wadesboro, NC 28170

Keep up with Team Aruba at and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing. Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!

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