By Tristan Ralston on 10th April, 2013

UNION, S.C. April 10, 2013:  The Extreme Pro Stock Team from Aruba has a rather unique purpose among drag racing. While being successful on track is certainly among their top goals, this team also exists for another reason – to promote their island paradise home. Fans that walk by their pits are immediately drawn in by the sensation of bright colors of the Mustang and hauler and surrounding island-themed decor. The team themselves, a true reflection of the ‘happy island’, pique the interests of racers and fans alike. And a quick tour of the Team’s Facebook or Twitter pages will quickly have one longing for white sands and tropical breezes. Any interaction with this Team is sure to draw interest in an Aruba vacation.

Already many racers and fans have visited Aruba based on the recommendation of the Eman family and Team Aruba, including Pro Mod legend Harold Martin and former Pro Stock World Champions. Most recently Brud Benecke, crew member for John Pluchino, ventured to Aruba for an island getaway. He spoke enthusiastically about his trip:

“Over the last three years I’ve become really good friends with Team Aruba. They kept encouraging me to come down to Aruba, so finally I decided to take my fiancee there on vacation. It was truly one of the best trips we’ve ever had. Everyone on the island was very accommodating and nice. Ven [Eman] went out of his way to show us around. We had a wonderful time and will certainly do it again. Our hotel accommodations were great. It was a peaceful vacation. We didn’t have to worry about rain. Out of all the places I’ve been Aruba was the most accommodating and certainly a favorite. The only reason I went was because of Team Aruba, but now I will definitely go back. I also got a really, really good price by taking Team Aruba’s recommendation and going through Player’s Choice Tours.”

Guy Gemore of Player’s Choice Tours strictly sales Aruba vacation packages and has received many vacationers at the recommendation of Team Aruba. Another of Pluchino’s crew members, Bill Madden, booked a vacation through Guy Gemore and ended up buying a timeshare in Aruba. For more information on your next vacation email

The Team Aruba tour continues this weekend for the Hardee’s ADRL Georgia Drags, April 13-14 at South Georgia Motorsports Park. The team hopes to build on the success of their first event, where they made it to the semi-finals.

“We have a lot of good things going on this season,” told driver Trevor Eman. “Team morale is high. We’re excited about the promise of this team. Plus, every time we’re at the track is another chance to tell folks about Aruba. I enjoy that as much as going down the track!”

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