By Tristan Ralston on 26th September, 2012

UNION, S.C. September 25, 2012:  Team Aruba has faced their share of difficulties this season. Even in their efforts to make it to the track have been thwarted, as they readied themselves to hit the road to Ohio for the ADRL Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags they found parts of their trailer chassis in need of repairs. So after completing the 1500 mile trip from Aruba to the shop base in Union, S.C. driver Trevor Eman found himself welding and completing necessary repairs before completing the remainder of his journey.

Needless to say, Team Aruba is ready for things to start looking up.  “While our runner up finish in St. Louis has certainly been the highlight of our season, we’re hungry for more of that kind of luck, rather than the kind that leaves us on the outside looking in,” told Eman. “With two events left in the season, we’re really hoping to finish strong and put a good note on the end of a tough year.”

While the cards may not always fall in Team Aruba’s favor, it’s certainly not for lack of effort on their part. The team has shown great fortitude throughout the season and always manages to keep the friendly smile for which Arubans are famous. Looking on the bright side, Eman continued:

“Another highlight of our season has been our displays with Alltel Wireless. We will have two this week leading up to the Ohio Drags. First, we’ll be in Mansfield on Tuesday and then Norwalk on Wednesday. Fans can stop by to take photos with our Wireless Mustang as well as check out Alltel’s great deals. Then they can all come cheer us on at the race!

“We have a lot of confidence in our Kaase engine and our Haas chassis. With all the good people and companies we are surrounded with, we know our luck has to change soon.  Hopefully we can finish the year smoothly for and Alltel Wireless and start to look forward to the 2013 season.

“Norwalk is one of my favorite tracks, so I am really looking forward to racing again at the wonderful facility the Bader family has constructed. Unfortunately, my father will not be at this race. He is organizing a monster truck show in Aruba for the end of October and needs to stay in Aruba to manage the operations for that show. Although I always want him to be with us, I would also love to take a trophy back home to him!”

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